Friday, April 27, 2012

Almost Smoked Out!

This morning I was a little anxious about my interview with Benjamin Blackwelder. We chatted and he asked me questions. Then he showed me projects that I'd be working then I got the picture that I would be working for him! So Monday morning it'll all start. I was kind of shocked at how smoothly it went and when I called my Mom on the way home I still had that jittery excitement and nervousness as it set in that I was a designer and I was going to work on actual real projects! Starting Monday! If you can picture how frazzled I was you can kind of understand what happened next! When I got home I was feeling kind of hungry and so I pulled out some yummy looking spinach raviolis from the freezer and put them in a pan with some water. I turned it on and watched it for a little while and then I remembered I needed to e-mail my teacher about having another internship and I needed to call someone and so without thinking I ran up stairs to my room. I know what your thinking...just hold on a second and I'll tell you what happened.
[This picture is what I managed to save after I cut off all the burnt parts!! I ended up throwing it away!!!]

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hard Work - Always Worth it

I had one of those "first time ever" experiences today. It's something many people will probably never experience in their lifetime. I had hoped I wouldn't actually. The opportunity had been offered many a time but I had reluctantly turned it down many times. Then today I decided I wouldn't refuse especially because my brothers were gone and the help was needed. With a little instruction from my father and a lot of coaxing I made the journey over to the base of our backhoe and opened the door. For those of you who are unfamiliar with large construction equipment, a backhoe kind of like a tractor except it has a long arm and a bucket/scoop to dig into the ground. I'm not one to like the bouncing about inside heavy machinery especially with no supervision and little to no knowledge about how to run it. Who knows what could happen with me in control. But I trusted in my dad's confidence in my abilities and so there I was sitting inside the equipment my dad loved.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I got an Internship!

Throughout the course of this semester I have been worried about what I was going to do for an internship this summer. There were a lot of directions I could potentially go but they never seemed to feel quite right. After I got home from my mission I was able to go to a few design seminars at BYU-Idaho. One of them was a design symposium and there I was talking with a few alumni when something she mentioned finally felt right. She mentioned that Madison Butterfield, a girl that began the program with me was working for BYU in Provo, UT. It was like a spark went on and I thought, I should go to Provo. Through the next few months I still kept that in the back of my mind as I explored all of my options. It wasn't until two weeks ago that things finally went through. I had sent a resume, done my portfolio website and lots of other things but I still hadn't heard anything back from anyone. I e-mailed Madison once again and mentioned how I really wanted the internship in Provo. She said she would go and talk to her boss right then. They had received six other applications and I didn't know if they were leaning towards me or not.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I had a thought the other day. I know what you're thinking and yes, I do have those sometimes. My thought was that I should create a blog. Brilliant idea isn't it! I thought people might enjoy knowing about my crazy life while I'm gone. It's been an interesting process and the first post I understand is the hardest one. In the process of making this blog I've realized a few things about myself. One being that I am a perfectionist. As I've worked on setting it up already two people have questioned why it's taking so long. The first being my awesome roommate Tara. She herself has a blog and she laughed a few times to herself as I looked for hours trying to find the perfect background and then ended up with something so simple and Asian. Seriously, there are so many options! I don't know how someone can just choose the first template they see and make it happen. I was on a quest for the perfect background. One that reflected my love for Asia, that was simple and clean and one that had all my favorite colors. A tall order I suppose. But I was determined and I knew what I wanted. When I saw it I thought, finally, something I can work with. 

And so here I am, a blogger. I never thought I would acquire such a title among my many accomplishments, but if you bear with me I promise I wont disappoint. I called my blog "inspire me" for a few reasons. The first is that I love helping people. If my crazy experiences, design advice, or whatever it may be can make someone's life better, put a smile on their face or help them realize God lives, I will be soo happy! The second reason is I am always looking for inspiration. Something in nature, design or anything around me. We all hope to be inspired by someone or something and maybe this will be your first source for your own inspiration. It'll take a little patience as I get things rolling but I hope you enjoy!